Halaqa 3-12-08: Surat Ta’ha and Facing Challenges in Our Lives

March 12th, 2008
Joint Halaqa Notes
Speaker: Brother Tarif

It is important to not just learn the Quran but also apply parts of it to our lives. If you are constantly mindful of Allah (swt) he will inshallah open your heart to knowledge. And it is only Allah who has the power to open your heart to ‘perceive’ knowledge.

The problem with ‘our’ relationship with the Quran is that it is too rigid. We need to work on actually perceiving the words of the Quran and making connections between it and our own lives. Only the believer will be able to intermingle with the Quran‘s deeper meanings.

Allah (swt) created us as creatures who love to pursue knowledge and learn. We need to believe in the tools that Allah (swt) has provided for us in the Quran and we need to apply them to our daily lives.

Surat Ta’ha (Chapter 20)

Versus’ we Covered:
“Hath there come unto thee the story of Moses? (9) When he saw a fire and said unto his folk: Lo! Wait! I see a fire afar off. Peradventure I may bring you a brand therefrom or may find guidance at the fire. (10) And when he reached it, he was called by name: O Moses! (11) Lo! I, even I, am thy Lord, So take off thy shoes, for lo! thou art in the holy valley of Tuwa. (12) And I have chosen thee, so hearken unto that which is inspired. (13) Lo! I, even I, am Allah, There is no God save Me. So serve Me and establish worship for My remembrance. (14)” (20: 9-14)

Side Notes:
When spreading the message of Islam, or when you want to approach someone who you don’t believe is doing the right thing, then first and foremost you must have good intentions and truly care for the other person. If you want to change a person you need to approach them gently and wisely because Allah (swt) watches all that you do.

One of the best ways to teach someone a lesson is through stories. This is why Allah (swt) has stories throughout the Quran. He wants us to learn from them.

Surat Ta’ha and About facing Challenges in our lives:

Selection: It is important to know that Allah (swt) can select us at any given time in our lives to provide a role, for a specific situation, and for a specific challenge, etc. No matter how small that role is; Allah (swt) has selected us for a greater purpose. He is the greatest selector.
When we apply for a job, the boss might select us to work in his company; however, in broader perspective it is Allah (swt) who has selected for you to be there.

“And I have chosen thee…” (20:13).
In this one phrase we learn that Allah selects Musa (pbuh) to become a Prophet. These are very powerful words. This shows that Allah (swt) selects us for opportunities and challenges. We must turn to him for strength because to him belongs all strength.

Allah also selects us for challenges and therefore:

The Greater Challenge = The Greater the Chance You Have to Prove Yourself

Guidance: Trust in Allah (swt) for he guides us all. He guided Prophet Musa (pbuh); he gave him the desire to return to Egypt to free his people. He also allowed him to become lost at night, so that he could be guided to the Fire.

This is one of the most Glorious scenes in history. Musa (pbuh) had no idea, when he went to fetch the flame that he would come back with Prophethood.

Allah (swt) begins the conversation with Musa (pbuh) by calling his name: “O Moses” (20:11). In this respect we must also call each other by our names because it is the proper way of going about and having a conversation. It shows that there is a strong connection; the other person knows you because he knows your name.

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