Halaqa 4-3-08: Islam and Healing

Sisters Monthly Halaqa
April 3rd,2008
Speaker Dr. Saima

Topic: Islam and Healing
Questions to Consider:

What is healing? What is cure?

How are we as Muslims different from Non-Muslims when it comes to our perspective of sickness and finding ways to stay health?

Basic Principles

1) Healing – comes from Allah (swt); it Occurs at three levels:

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Spirit

b) Tawheed = One

  1. We need to aspire to be whole and at one = healthy
  2. The body, mind and spirit need to be in harmony

“Islam is like a medicine”
The message of the prophets = healing at all three levels.

A person can fall into three categories they can be…

  1. Healed but not Cured,
  2. Cured but not Healed
  3. Healed and Cured

When we are Sick

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you are feeling sick?
Allah (swt) or a Doctor?

As Muslims we need to think about ‘why’ we are getting sick or ‘why’ we are not healthy. We should not complain. We need to contemplate that that the disease or illness can have one or more of these causes:

1. it can come to correct something about us
2. it can come to remove or sins
3. or it can be a test

“Every Problem has a Physical and Subconscious Realm”

Today’s Health Industry

Today’s health industry is all about ‘symptom relief’; it does not address the underlying problem.

We need to realize that Allah (swt) created everything in this world, down to the smallest particle with perfection.
1. Doctors are always trying to break up compounds to create medicines:
o One must realize that breaking up even the smallest compound will make that element unstable.
o When we take pills to help us when we are sick, we are essential putting a lot of ‘unstable’ elements into our bodies. These pills don’t address the underlying problem. They only suppress the pain.
2. Antibiotic usage:
o creates C-difficile (which can lead to death)
o in the process of helping our system it ironically kills not only the bad but also good bacteria
o leaves room for other abnormal organisms to grow

How being Muslim is beneficial to our Health

As Muslims we have a high level of awareness:

1. We eat only eat foods that are pure = Halal

2. We keep ourselves clean – it is mandatory for us to be in a state of purity before we pray (and we are given guidelines to follow in order to keep with that standard)

– To add to (2) we must also not violate our bodies b/c we were a creation that was given much honor/dignity, therefore we need to refrain from eating unhealthy foods and keeping as clean as possible

3. We respectfully sleep on the right side (remember Satan sleeps on his face…talk about scary)

Watch Out: Today’s Fast Food World

“Haste is Waste” – keep in mind that Satan has the quality of being hasteful, we must refrain from following this characteristic when it comes to ‘eating on the go’

Fast Food – everyone knows 99cent fries are hardly worth it. The bottom line: don’t put trash into your bodies: avoid eating fast food – its just that simple. (I’m working on this one, inshallah Allah (swt) will forgive us).

Eat a Good Breakfast – Many scientific studies have been done that shows eating a healthy breakfast = best possible productivity level throughout your entire day. ‘Break’ the ‘Fast’ don’t skip Breakfast. Thank Allah for each new day and the Sustenance he has provided you.

Stop Using the Microwave – If you look at the microscopic level and watch your food being heated up in a microwave…trust me, you will be scared. Microwaves are atrocious b/c they break up the minute food compounds. And therefore when you eat the food that you take out of the microwave, it is not pure. The compounds have been ripped apart and your just putting trash into your body. Instead heat up your food in a conventional mini-oven. The compounds don’t get ripped apart.

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