Allah Knows: Zain Bhikha

I found this on youtube last night when I was searching for ‘Give Thanks to Allah’ (Michael Jackson).

‘Allah Knows’ by Zain Bhikha

The last time I believe I heard this was in an Islamic Bookstore in London, England. I was unable to look it up online because I was unfamiliar with the singer and the title. So coming across this was a nice surprise!

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7 Responses to Allah Knows: Zain Bhikha

  1. pity says:

    its very nice but sorrow somehow

  2. syed minhajuddin hussaini says:

    Bismillah hir rahman nir rahim

    i want to download this video’s

    Allah hafiz

  3. tsultan says:

    Assalamu Alakum Brother Syed,

    I can’t give you any tips on where to download it. However, youtube is an excellent resource and as a member you can save your favorite videos for later viewing.

  4. tsultan says:

    P.S: Sorry my turnaround time for commenting was long. I was waiting to see if someone else on the NET would be able to let you know where you can download it.

  5. sarok sna says:

    i appreciate from all individuals have left their responses about this topic.
    id rather to tell u not to look to any resource or site u visit.that topic is somehow perilous and u should find a valid website.

  6. parwezkhan says:

    send me such islamic songs please

  7. tsultan says:

    Salaam ParwezKhan,

    I don’t have this song, but here’s a place where you can perhaps buy it online –

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