Halaqa 4-23-08: Self-Reflection and Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave)

Joint Halaqa

Speaker: Sheikh … (I have to find his name)

Topic: Self-Reflection and Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave)


“Even one with the smallest amount of arrogance in his heart will not make it to Jannat”

Concept: Don’t blame those who oppose Islam or others for their faults. Look at yourself, first. The only way you can strengthen the Ummah is by making yourself a better person.

Don’t Cause Trouble and Insult those who oppose Islam –

  1. Show that you love Allah (swt) and the Prophet (pbuh) by acting in a just and respectful manner.
  2. Look at yourself. Are you being a good muslim?
  3. Always suspect your performance. ex. Are you being good to your neighbor and your friends?
  4. Truly believe in Allah (swt); He is the one who takes care of all matters.
  5. When you get angry at others b/c they don’t respect Islam and specifically our Prophet, remember that it is Allah (swt) who actually loves the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) more then any of us. Therefore do not grief. For Allah (swt) sees all and he is the ‘King of Kings’. He will deal with the matter if he so wills.
  6. When the non-believers complain about Islam, you should find the Ummah stronger. Each person in the Ummah should strive to be the best possible Muslims. They should treat everyone with kindness. Let the non-believers keep complaining, you know well, that the arguments have no substance.

“Don’t be busy complaining/insulting others for their faults”

“Don’t follow your own desires, and sacrifice the satisfaction of being with Allah (swt), by attending a night out with some friends” — In that respect, always ask yourself “Is Allah (swt) happy with me?”

In full measure we need to attain:

  1. Only hope in the mercy of Allah (swt)
  2. Fear of Allah (swt) = Taqwa ( <– for some this can lead to despair, remember you must balance fear with hope)

How do we embrace Islam in the Best Possible Way?

We need to understand ‘how’ the Companions came to Islam in its totality b/c they were the best of Muslims. We should follow in their footsteps and that of our Prophet (pbuh) if we want to practice Islam the way it should have been practice. The reason why I say ‘should have been’ is because to be very honest, many Muslims today, including myself aren’t very good representatives of Islam because they aren’t practicing it properly. Islam is a religion for people of understanding. It is so much more then just memorizing the Quran and doing Salat 5 times a day. Understanding the deeper meanings behind each Surat and reflecting upon our own personal lives can draw us much closer to the truth. One of the main reasons why I have started this blog is to reflect and to think. (Allah (swt) is all merciful and may he forgive us for our ignorance.)

Islam is all about thinking.

How did the Companions come to Islam in its totality?

  1. They trusted in Allah (swt)
  2. They established the dignity of the Deen; They did not bargain with their desires. (ex. I will skip Salat to go out with friends because I haven’t seen these friends in a long time).
  3. Learn Iman first (before the Quran)

“You can’t make it to jannat with just good deeds”

Ch. 18, Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave): Some Insight:

‘It is important to read this Surat on Friday between Fajr and Jummah Prayer’

And if you read the last two verses, (or last ten, someone please confirm), of this Surat before going to sleep then an angel with be by your side and wake you up for fajr in the morning.

1. The first Story in this Surat is of ‘the Youth’

-concept of tawheed
-the youth stood for their deen
-they slept for over 300 yrs and then woke up and were a sign to mankind

ASIDE NOTE: Hereafter – some key points

  1. If you are rich and have bounty in this life that does not mean you have bounty in the hereafter
  2. Rich vs. Poor : the one is best is the one with true Iman
  3. Our Prophet (pbuh) said in a Hadith that the poor on the day of Judgment will be closest to Allah (swt)

2. About Knowledge – This deals with the 3rd story in this Surat with Prophet Musa

-we keep learning until death
-if you took all the Oceans and made them ink for a pen, you would not be able to write out all of the knowledge of Allah (swt) <–‘Hadith’? I believe

3. The Fourth Story in this Surat deals with Dhul Qurnain

-Who was he? Most scholars believe that he was just a ‘powerful ruler’ – he had power over the East and West
-He is responsible for protecting us from a great Fitna: Hagog Magog (one of the signs of the day of Judgement- they will be released upon this ‘dunya’ aka world)
-He build the barrier of Iron that separates Hajog Magog from the rest of the world

ASIDE: FINAL NOTE by Our Speaker:

As young people, we need to realize that this world needs powerful Muslims. Powerful = Muslims that are righteous, treat others with respect, they are educated (ex.doctors, lawyers) and they have a strong Iman.


*Unless otherwise specified, any phrase/sentence in quotation marks above is from the speaker. They may also be from specific Hadiths, Saying of our Prophet (pbuh), etc; however, I am not that knowledgeable yet to distinguish the true representative of the quote. Please add comments to verify the information in quotations if it is from the Hadith, Quran, or a saying of our Prophet (pbuh). I would appreciate all insight; for Islam is all about reflecting and thinking upon the truth. So please leave comments.


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