Halaqa 4-30-08: Further Explanation of Surat Al-Kahf, Part I

Joint Halaqa

April 30th, 2008

Speaker: Br. Tarif

Topic: Further Explanation of Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave), Part I

(Surat Al-Kahf, Chapter 18, Holy Quran)



1. The Meaning behind the title, ‘The Cave’, and How it Connects with our Lives

2. The Story of ‘The Youth’


1. The Meaning behind the title, ‘The Cave’, and How it Connects with our Lives

– Life itself is a series of caves

  1. you have no clue why things are the way they are
  2. at first glance you have no clue what is going on
  3. be patient, trust in Allah (swt) – he will make the truth apparent if he so wills
  4. everything that happens in our lives and goes on around us has wisdom behind it

– We have lost the personal touch of the Quran; it is not all about memorizing

  1. we need to look beyond what we see on the surface
  2. Allah (swt) is telling us something on each page
  3. the more you read and strive to understand, the more layers of meaning you will be exposed to
  4. knowledge is NOT reserved for VIP people
  5. knowledge is a grasp of meanings and a practice of embodiment

2. The Story of ‘The Youth’

– Who are ‘the youth’ ?

  1. they are nameless in the Quran b/c Allah (swt) is telling us that ‘who they are’ and ‘where they came from’ is not important – their story is of utmost importance because it is a Sign
  2. they were young men who believed in Allah (swt) and Islam
  3. ASIDE: they are known as the Companions of the Cave (these people can be anyone, they are not specific to a time/place)

– Story

  1. They wanted to spread the word of Allah (swt), however they feared persecution from the people in the village where they lived.
  2. They ran away to a cave; this place that they sought refuge had no sustenance. However, they firmly believed in the power of their lord and that he would provide a means of sustenance for them.
  3. Allah (swt) put them to sleep for over 300 years. He made their bodies turn so that their inner circulation would continue. Thus they did not age.
  4. When they woke up they had no idea how long they had slept for; it seemed as if only a day. They did not age and still were the same as before. They went to town to get food. When people saw their old coins they recognized the sign and accepted the true faith Islam (by the will of Allah (swt)).

Remember: Allah (swt) has full control of Time, Space, and Realm.

ASIDE: There are many sites online with translations of the Quran for you to read the versus’ that pertain to this story. One of my favorites is Quran Explorer. Look Up: Surat Al-Kahf, Chapter 18, Versus’ 1-27.

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