Halaqa 5-7-08: Reflecting upon Jannat (Paradise) and Our time spent on Earth

Joint Halaqa

May 7th, 2008

Speaker: Br. Tarif

Topic: Reflecting upon Jannat (Paradise) and Our time spent on Earth

(Final Halaqa of the Academic Semester: Spring 08 )



1. A Simple Activity

2. Jannat – the Final Destination


“Life will consume you and bewilder you” – Br. Tarif

REFLECT: Why are we doing certain things in our lives today? What are we doing? What will make Life worthwhile?

1. A Simple Activity


1. On the top half of a sheet of paper write down 5 things you want to accomplish in your life. And if you accomplish these you can honestly say that the time you had on earth was worthwhile.

2. Then on the bottom half of the paper write down the top 5 things that you are doing right now. What takes up the most time in your life.

3. Compare the top and bottom. Will what you are doing in your life now help you achieve the goals that you listed above?

2. Jannat

‘Our time here on earth is just a moment, our time in the hereafter is for eternity’

On the journey of Miraj our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) passed by Ibrahim (pbuh) leaning against the wall of Bayt-al-Ma’mur, directly above the Ka’baa.

For those who do righteous work, for them is the gardens of Jannat, a place one can decend upon for rest.

Rest – When do people rest? After they come from a long journey. One of the reasons why we have the Ka’baa and do pilgramage is to honor Ibrahim and his family’s journey here on earth.

There will always be someone circilng the Ka’baa until the end of time.

On our Prophet’s (pbuh) way back down he saw Angels building a house for someone. Then they stopped and our Prophet (pbuh) asked why. They replied that the person stopped remembering Allah (swt).

Ask yourself: Am I serious about Jannat?

Allah (swt) created Paradise with his own hands, like he created Adam (pbuh). He could of just said ‘be’ and it would have been created, but he didn’t.

Allah (swt) is truly:

  1. the most merciful
  2. the most beautiful
  3. the most generous

In jannat are sounds you have never imagined and things you have never seen.

Allah (swt) will remove the veil and the sight of Allah (swt) will be more blissful than Jannat.

Signs that show Allah (swt) is happy with you:

  1. parents are happy
  2. you are an agent of goodness
  3. see how he is using you on earth
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