Contemplating on the Existence of Mankind

We do not have to exist.

If you really think about it, our very existence, the existence of the human creation is on a fine line.

We do not have to exist, but the reason we do exist is solely by the will of Allah (swt).

Allah (swt) does NOT need us. He does not ask us to provide sustenance, he provides it. We are in NEED of him, therefore, him alone do we worship. He gives us the breath of air that we need to survive and in less than a second he can take it away from us.

We did not exist out of nothing. We did not evolve and come out of something that is less then who we are. No. We came solely from the will of Allah (swt). He shaped us by his own hand and gave us, the human creation an honorable amount of dignity. The angels were told to bow before Adam (pbuh). This is one of the best examples that shows how much honor Allah (swt) bestowed upon us (mankind). And it is for us to uphold that honor by praising Allah (swt) and keeping ourselves free from impurities.

(The story of the creation of mankind with the Beginning of Adam (pbuh), inshallah, I will cover in a future post because there is so much more to the story then what I have, of course, mentioned (quickly) above.)

Allah (swt) is all powerful. He could of just said ‘Be’ and Adam (pbuh) would have been created. But Allah (swt) did not, he created him by his own hand. And he did the same with the heavens (he did not just say ‘Be’ and it was).

All good and all evil come from Allah (swt). By his will there are those on earth who are rightly guided on the straight path. And by his will there are those who never will be guided. The knowledge of this lies with Allah (swt). He knows that of which we know not. In all truth, as deep as this concept might seem, we have no right to question Allah (swt). If he wants us to know the truth of this matter he will let it be known. If not, that is probably best for us. For Allah (swt) is the one who truly knows what is best for us.

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3 Responses to Contemplating on the Existence of Mankind

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  2. Islam_is_Peace says:

    wonderful reflections

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