HereAfter Timeline

A new Islamic Biweekly lecture series started at our University. Its about the HereAfter. I know very little about the incredible events that take place once someone passes away. I believe many of us are in the same boat. Therefore, I will share what I learn through postings on this site.

Islam is the only religion in the world that gives us the most vivid depiction of the events of the HereAfter. It is not just for a few muslims to know about and understand; it is like public information for all muslims and mankind. As muslims we should feel priviledged to have this information provided to us by Allah (swt) through the glorious Quran and the teachings of the Prophet (saws).

Last Wednesday was our first Lecture (aka. Halaqa).

Here’s a timeline of all the events that we will be covering in depth:

(Note: There are a lot of things that will happen inbetween. And the order of the events before, during, and after Judgment day are not linear. There is so much that will be going on in these stages that it is absolutely mind blowing!)

Soul (Created before we were born) –> Birth | LIFE –> Death –> Visiting the Grave –> Resurrection –> Judgment Day –> Coming of Allah (swt) and the Angels –> Intercession –> Books –> Scale –> Fountain –> The Bridge –> Final Destination (Heaven or Hell)

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