Let Go…

What do you attach yourself to in this life? Is it your favorite book, your true love, the garden that you’ve just planted in your yard, food, etc?

This may seem like a funny question to ask. However, contemplate on it: Do you live your life by clinging onto the objects and people around you? Its part of the human instinct to ‘have the want to live’ and enjoy life. We don’t know a life without the life we have. We feel secure in attaching or associating ourselves with the people and objects that are a part of our lives.

But wait a minute – if we truly define our lives by what’s around us, do we honestly know or have any guarantee that these relationships will last forever? In order for this to last forever, either you or the other variable (person, object, food item) must be able to last forever. Either you or the other variable must be non-perisable – either you or the other variable that you cling on to should be something that will not decay, will not lose its essence which gives you a sense of security.

Are you understanding what I am trying to say? If not, its okay, I’ll make it more clear.
Don’t rely on and attach yourself to the worldly creation around you for it is perishable. We are only in existence by Allah’s will. Instead, who should we associate ourselves with?

Allah, of course, the ever-living, the eternal. Allah, the highest companion. Allah, the creator of you and me and all that you see around you. Allah, the one who not only has created us out of his love, but has also given us sustenance. We have not created the air around us that we breath, only He has and he is the all-powerful.

As Human beings we love the concept of Eternity. This is the very essence of Allah. He has no beginning, nor end, he will always be there – Forever. Open your heart, if your heart sees Allah, his power and his eternity you shall surely be drawn to it in AWE. Allah is perfect, permanent and self-sustaining.

Those that choose Allah as their Highest Companion and serve him as proper Muslims will surely be amongst the righteous on the day of judgment.  Allah (swt) promises the believers the Life of the Hereafter which will be full of vitality.

Some Characteristics of the Life of the HereAfter for the Believer:

– Mortality : Forever

– Perfect Age

– No Fatigue

– Permanent Happiness

I just wanted to let you know that the life of this world is only temporary, so if anything be cautious of what you let your heart attach itself to. This isn’t something that can be done easily because there’s so much in life that can distract us. But one way I refocus is just remembering Allah and all the blessings that He has bestowed upon me. So in sum – Take some time during your day to Just let go and fill your heart with love for Allah (swt).

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