One Month Down, Eleven to Go

Its the beginning of a new year and the first month is already almost over. I hope that inshallah you may have spent some time thinking about goals for this coming year. We must always keep hope and faith strong. Even though we are not guaranteed anything in this life. We should still be wise and practice our faith and set goals to make ourselves as successful as we can possibly be. At the end of the day we must always acknowledge that for Allah(swt) is the disposer of all our affairs. And only He knows what is best for us.

The only thing that we are guaranteed in this life is DEATH. So be wary of that fact that life is short. Make the most of it in prayer, contemplation and actually taking action to help yourself become a better person and those around you.

Always think about your life. Thinking is good.

Ask yourself – Why did this happen to me? Why don’t I like that person? How can I reach from point A to point B? How can I help someone? What will my actions now affect my future?

If you don’t contemplate on life, then its hardly worth living. Life is such a blessing, it is so beautiful and sacred. What do you hold sacred to your heart? The values of the people around you? Do you aspire to achieve what they have achieved? Do you aspire to live your parents dreams? Or do you aspire to meet the expectations of those around you? Are you going to be the person who defines themselves within limits? Or are you going to be the person who defines themselves in a faith that is everlasting and are you going to rely and trust ONLY the most Highest Companion (Allah(swt))?

Humans are interesting creatures. We love many things in life – the food we eat, the new car in our driveway, the clothes we wear. And something we have always been curious to investigate is the notion of living forever. In history there have been stories of a ‘Fountain of Youth’ where one drink of its water will grant a person immortality. Even though today we know this such Fountain is just a story and untrue, the notion of living forever still seems appealing. Islam is the only faith that defines a way to reach this ‘supposed’ state of immortality. After death – the life of the hereafter, is the life that we will live in FOREVER. In comparison to the HereAfter, this life is like a coffee break. We need to realize NOW, that we must start to prepare for the Hereafter. And in order to prepare we must stay strong in our dean Islam.

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