The Fortress of Iman

Wherever I listen to a speaker at an Islamic lecture talk about spirituality and in particular the heart I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside. I yearn for that connection with Allah (swt) and I think about the beauty of just imagining how strong the connection must be for someone with a pure heart. To reach the state of attaining a heart that is 100% pure, might be impossible, for we are always, whether we know it or not, engaging in something throughout our daily lives that can potentially hurt the pureness of our hearts and/or intentions. When I think of internalizing Islam to the degree of working towards purifying our hearts I start to grin inside because a thought that comes across my mind is sufism. I don’t know too much about Sufism except that I think its a way to internalize ones spirituality in order to strengthen their connection between themselves and there creator. If someone knows what it actually means to be Sufi, let me know, I’m quite curious. In all truth however, don’t think for a moment that I’m trying to divide up the muslim population into groups. I’m not. We’re all Muslim and we should all be one – united. But the rational behind making Islam One and making yourself One with Islam is the essential essence of the religion. Actually just calling Islam a religion is quite misleading because its more then that – its a ‘complete’ way of life. Tawheed (aka oneness) is the essential core of Islam.

I feel like I might be deviating, my intial intention of writing was to focus on the Heart itself. Many of the thoughts above just come along in my mind to reinforce the bigger picture. Anyways, imagine this – I want you to think of your heart as the capital of the Kingdom (your body). It is absolutely of utmost importance for us to take care of our hearts for it rules the very nature of our beings (if it is the one and only aspect of control – I can not say for I’m no scholar, the soul may be another aspect we can contemplate upon at another time).  Each time we sin, I have heard that a black spec (symbolic of uncleanliness) appears upon our hearts. As we purify our hearts through prayer and asking Allah(Swt) for forgiveness, slowly the black specs disappear.

The Heart is the Fortress of our Iman – we need to keep it strong because Shatan is always trying to whisper bad thoughts that affect our hearts and can weaken our Iman

There are Seven Gates to our Hearts

1. Tongue

2. Eyes

3. Ears

4. Stomach

5. Private Parts

6. Hands

7. Feet

Watch what you say, see, hear, eat, feel or walk towards because if it is something bad, no matter how small, it can have a direct impact on your heart and in turn your Iman. For example, if there is a t.v. show that you watch and you see something that is inappropriate figuratively it is like you are stabbing yourself in your heart because your eyes are literally one of the most direct paths to your heart. You may not feel any effects of watching something inappropriate, and you might just brush it off; however, you need to be aware that anything and everything, no matter how small has an effect upon our hearts. Protect your ‘Fortress of Iman’.

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