Convert Connection

I’ve added a new page directed to the audience of recent converts to Islam and/or those looking to convert. I’ll be updating the page from time to time with lots of fun things about Islam and also on a more serious note essential videos and lectures on why Islam is the Truth, etc.

Also I hope to establish a way for recent converts and/or those serious about looking to convert to have a sense of community. If you want to share ideas – perhaps start a group blog – please leave a comment.

I will be honest that I am not a scholar in Islam. So if you have questions that are I guess you would say pretty advance, its best to talk to someone of more knowledge – look to the ‘Resources’ page above. Islam has the answer to pretty much everything – I firmly believe that Islam even has an answer to all of the problems in the world today – from hunger, to poverty,the environment, and to homelessness, and more. Muslim’s care about these issues. One of the five pillars of Islam is Zakat (almsgiving) – giving back to charity and the world that we live. This is one of the most fundamental aspects of Islam and what it means to be a muslim.

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2 Responses to Convert Connection

  1. captbokkhari says:

    Assalamualaikum, May god bless you. What a great blog and full of Da’wah.

  2. tsultan says:

    Walakum Asalaam,

    JazakAllahKhair for your kind words! May Allah(swt) bless you and your family.

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