Who is God?

Islam is purely, in every way, a monotheistic religion. If there is one thing that you take away from learning about Islam it is this: Muslims are dedicated to the worship of only one creator and Islam is strictly based on the essence of ‘oneness’.  We only believe in one God (which, we call “Allah”), the creator, the everlasting. It is the same ONE god that is worshiped by Christians and people of the Jewish faith.

One of the most powerful pieces of writing that I came across last year is the following, which I blogged about in an earlier post. If you want to know ‘Who is God?’ Read the following, no matter who you are (muslim or non-muslim) – the beauty of this description is unmatched:

If this is the essence of Allah(swt), aka God, that you believe in with your hearts, then I implore you to take a deeper look into the beauty and simplicity of Islam, a way of life followed by over 1 billion people in the world. Islam is love, it is peace, it is hope. Click on “The Basics” and “Allah(swt)” tab above to learn more.

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