The Signs are Abundant

As I try to analyze my life – who I am, what brought me to the point I am now and where I can go and who I have the potential of becoming in the future – I have resorted to quick dua’s during periods of stress and I’ve kept my eyes open for any sort of sign. Any reassurance I’m going the right way, or any new enlightenment of some sort. Here’s some amazing things alhamdullilah that I have come across during this period of contemplation.

1. The ability to perceive, gain, or attain any sort of new knowledge – this is a sign from Allah(swt) in our lives because it stands firm with the idea that knowledge is never-ending. From this realization, we realize that us, as human beings, will never attain complete knowledge or understanding. Because knowledge is infinite and we are bound by our fate and the limits of time, there is no way that we can know everything that there is possible to know about this life, this universe. In simpler, everyday terms – why a bus route may change in our neighborhood,  the rules of basketball, research on space exploration, etc. While many of these everyday things seem trivial knowledge pursuits and we may be able to find out the answers to all of them quickly. It is those new ideas, thoughs, research in progress that we may never be a part of unless we dedicate time to develop our knowledge and perhaps even actively participate in pushing the boundaries of what we already know to discover something else that was already there. “Something else that was already there” – what does that mean? Think of it this way: space, stars, planets were already a part of this universe before man actually confirmed the discovery. Everything to reach a new level of knowledge is before us. It is there. It is up to us to discover it.

Why do I call this a sign? Have you ever just gone about your life and then come across something that changes the way you think, the decisions you make. It is this knowledge, whether you gain it by talking to someone, reading a newspaper, publications, etc., no matter how it comes to you – it shakes your world just by you ‘merely’ thinking about that piece of information. Nothing is trivial in the pursuit of knowledge. Knowing that most golf balls for example are white, whereas someone who’s never seen the sport before, doesn’t necessarily put you at an advantage of any sort, but this mere distinct difference, even though it is extremly minuate, actually helps develop your level of perception and reality. Reality is based on what we know to exist. Never belittle knowledge – it is a blessing, just like the five senses: touching, smelling, seeing, feeling, hearing.

My Take: This past week I had the opportunity to gain an inside view on the world of investment banking. Is this where I see myself in the future. To be honest, no. But then again I’ll leave all judgments to my lord. Even we can’t be sure that we know ourselves as well as might believe we do. Does this sound confusing? Think of it this way – have you ever though you wanted something, then realized down the road that you may have or may not have wanted it. Your confused – you don’t know what you really want from this life, because that knowledge is only with Allah(swt). But thankfully (shukar-Alhamullilah), He guides you if you have good intentions and you believe.  In this life we have many, many open doors and opportunities we can take that will in turn change our lives for the better or worse. But with all these opportunities comes the responsibility of thanking the One who has given them to us. And who will guide us to righteousness. The One I am talking about is Allah(swt) our creator. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

2. The Verses of the Quran – These are most definitely a sign. And I can bear witness to profound statements that I have come across in the Quran that I can relate to my life. The knowledge and the relationship between you and the Quran has potential to always be developed. Take the time to read it, to understand it, and to apply it. Take the time to just look at a translation of a few lines – even if your life is busy. This is a starting point. That’s all I did – I looked at a few lines a few days ago and Allahu Akbar – Allah(swt) spoke to me through the Quran. This is the Best of Signs. Believe and you will realize so much more than what you know now.

The verse that I found absolutely relevant, to the thoughts going through my mind about my life, at the time I was reading the Quran were the following from Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave) –

“Be patient with those who worship their Lord in the mornings and evenings to seek His pleasure. Do not overlook them to seek the worldly pleasures. Do no obey those whom We have caused to neglect Us and instead follow their own desires beyond all limits” (18:28)

3. The Signs you see everyday – Just today I said Bismillah before putting a golf ball and it aligned perfectly with one that was 4 ft away. Before saying Bismillah, I had tried to get it perfectly aligned several times with absolutely no success. Coincidence, I think not – this is a sign that my Lord is watching me and all of us.

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