The Mind

The mind is a powerful part of our being. Everything that we think, see, feel and experience throughout our lives travels through our minds. How do we rationalize what is good for us and what is not? Some things are above our conceptual thought process. We only know so much – our knowledge is limited. The more we learn, the more wisdom and knowledge we can gain. The better decisions we can make. However, the knowledge and understanding our mind can gain will always be limited because of  our environment and time constraints. We are not in multiple places at the same time, we can’t figure out what others are thinking, and there is only so much knowledge that we can accumulate during our life time before we pass away into the Hereafter.

The Only One who knows everything and the Only One who knows us even better than we know ourselves is God (aka Allah (swt)).

Going back to the question left unanswered: How do we rationalize what is good for us and what is not? We can’t do it on our own. Why? Because we were not left in charge of universal law and rules. These universal laws and rules are governed by our Creator, God. He has given us guidance through all the Prophet’s that have come before our time, the Final messenger Prophet Muhammad (saws) and the Holy Quran (the Final Book of Guidance).

As much as we try, we are not the most just. True justice is in the hands of Allah(swt). On the day of Judgment He will be the Judge of all matters. Then lets not be unjust to ourselves and those around us. Let’s use our minds to do good for all and to think good thoughts. What is good for us is given as a message, as guidance in the Holy Quran.

Taking care of our planet Earth, being nice to our neighbors, helping out with humanitarian causes, being good parents for our childern, teaching someone something they didn’t know before, volunteering to clean up our communities are acts of kindness and definitely something that is good for our selves and our communities. Are these things mentioned in the Quran? See for yourself, it may not always be obvious, but the truth is there.

“And serve Allah. Ascribe no thing as partner unto Him. (Show) kindness unto parents, and unto near kindred, and orphans, and the needy, and unto the neighbour who is of kin (unto you) and the neighbour who is not of kin, and the fellow-traveller and the wayfarer and (the slaves) whom your right hands possess. Lo! Allah loveth not such as are proud and boastful,”(Quran 4:36).

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