Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus (pbuh) is Not God

Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of the most honorable messengers of Allah(swt). As muslims we believe that he was sent to call people to the worship of One God. We love him and believe in all of his miracles. It is a tenet of our faith that we believe that he was one of the greatest messengers to ever walk this earth.

I found an amazing video on youtube by TheDeenShow where Former Youth Minister Joshua Evans talks about Reasons he believes Jesus (pbuh) is Not God. He mentions the Bible and Quran and logically lists the Top 10 Reasons. Just listen – I think you’ll find it pretty interesting =]. The moderators are so kind and respectful and explain their view points clearly. Whether your muslim or not, check this out.

The discussion also expands for several minutes in the end to briefly touch upon some other really cool things about Islam. So try and see if you can listen to all of it. Joshua Evans mentions something very powerful – I’m not quoting word for word – but at the end of the video he says ‘We were the ONLY creation given free will. The ONLY creation. And the essence of worship is that we accept that and give this will back to God in exchange for eternal paradise…”  This is the essence of the message brought by Jesus (peace be upon him) and Muhammad (peace be upon him) and all the prophets to come before them – Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, etc.

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