Khulafa ar Rashidun & Sayyiduna Mu`awiya

Lecture by Shaykh Ahmad Mi’raj Riccio

There were disputes that arose in the Islamic World after the passing of the Prophet – political disputes. We do not discuss these disputes in detail – “Allah ta’ala has kept our hands safe from their blood; let us keep our tongues free from it” (Imam Shafi’i).

Khulafa ar Rashudin – Four Righteous Caliphs died as Martyrs
Umar ibn al Khattab – attacked by assassins, fire worshippers
Uthman ibn Affan – killed by rebellious muslims from Egypt

When it comes to disputes that happened after the Rasul (saws) we should not speak ill of any one of the Sahabah. Much of the disputes arose from the society at that time.

Sayyiduna Mu`awiya (Commander of the Believers)

  • He had tremedous love for Rasul (saws)
  • He knew Hassan and Husayn had more rights to authority then him
  • He was a man of piety
  • Most knowledgeable
  • Knew how to write
  • He was appointed and selected by Rasul (saws) to write the revelation on scribes
  • He came from the later generation of Sahabah -after Mecca was opened

Mu’awiya told his son – “If Hasan or Hussein come to you seeking authority you must give it to him”

Yazid – The First Tyrant
Prophet Muhammad (saws) knew that “My ummah will be destroyed under the rule of the youth of Qurashi” (Bukhari)

Abu Hurairah was given the knowledge of the names of the Tyrants and when they would rule. He would not give out this information to anyone. He made dua to Allah(Swt) to protect him from the 60th year of Hijrah. This refers to Yazid because it is the year that Yazid came to power. Abu Hurairah died before Yazid came to the throne, he feared Yazid, not Mu’awiya. Mu’awiya is not responsible for the sins of his son.

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