Surat Taha Discussion

Surat Taha

September 15th, 2010 | 3-5pm


  • When we end this life we’ll have memories of this life.
  • We want to come to that moment of satisfaction and realization when we understand the Quran
  • Why is the Quran important?
    • Allah(swt) sent Prophet Muhammad (saws), the most honorable man to carry this message – to deliver this message to us.
    • The Quran came from the heavens. Your opportunity to connect to the heavens is with the Quran.
  • Who are the closest people to Allah(swt)
    • The people of the Quran – those who embraced, understood and applied the Quran
    • The people of the Night – turn to Allah(swt) when everyone else is sleeping
    • Allah(swt) changes the climate at night, when you recite at night you are able to connect to Allah(swt) in a special way.
  • The wonders of the Quran are never-ending
    • As we discover new things, more wonders = more meanings
    • Day of Judgment we’ll see the full wonders of the Quran
  • The journey has to be associated with the appreciation of the Quran.
  • The Quran is the Light of Allah(swt). Allah(swt) looks at certain hearts who want it. The heart must be ready for the Quran – so that the meanings have a solid foundation.
  • The first verse that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saws) is “Iqra” (Recite)
  • Its not just sufficient to just listen, your journey to the Quran requires you to recite. You have to engage.
    • Recite sincerely for Allah(swt) so you can learn and grow
  • The human reaction/tendency is to take defence from the Quran. Because it’s something you don’t understand. Allah(swt) had to ready the Prophet (saws) heart to receive the light of Quran.
  • Those who will benefit from the Quran have three qualities:
    • Person must have sincerity (authentic genuine desire)
    • Full immersion and appreciation
    • Your heart, mind, and ears are witnessing
  • Allah(swt) has given us the best of speech, the words of the Quran
  • For those who are engaged and close to the Quran – you get goosebumps and your skin is trembling. Then the skin softens, then your heart starts to soften.
  • The Quran is a mercy, it is a guidance, it is a healing of the heart
    • How many people have grief and turn to the Quran for healing.
  • Allah(swt) tells us in the Quran what you should expect from the Quran. In your journey to get closer to Allah(swt), expect high things, and think highly of Allah(swt)

Surat Taha Reflection

  • As you start reading the Quran you’ll start loving specific surats.
  • The sound is therapeutic
  • Story of Omar ibn-al Khattab (initially was enemy of the Prophet (saws))
    • He approached his sister who was a muslim.
    • His sister shows him that they were reciting Surat Taha. He recites up to Verse 14. Then he asks her to take him to Prophet Muhammad (saws)
  • Hear the recitation no matter if you can’t understand it and read the translations

Listen to the recitation & Worksheet with Translation of Verses Surat Taha 1-16 and 124-135

Questions for Next Week’s Discussion:
1. Do you see parallel’s between Umar’s journey of encounter with the Quran, and that of Musa’s Journey and the ultimate meeting with Allah(swt) at the valley?
2. The surat speaks of ‘satisfaction’ vs. ‘wretchdness’. What do the terms mean to you? Does ‘satisfaction’ mean that life will be trouble free? (Look at the verses at the end of Surat Taha).
Review the first verses of Surat Taha (1-16) and the Last Verses


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