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Muslims have serious family issues…its time to listen and make a change.

I am a huge fan of Educational and Clean Entertainment YouTube. Here’s an amazing video I found today via ICNATV’S Channel (Islamic Circle of North America). Brother Nouman Ali Khan, a prominent speaker in the Muslim American community talks about … Continue reading

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The People of the House (Ahl ul-Bayt)

Lecture by Shaykh Ahmad Mi’raj Riccio Our love for Rasul (saws) is not complete until we love his family. Who are the Ahl ul-Bayt? – Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Husayn, and their Descendents – The Mothers of the Believers – The … Continue reading

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To think is so Hard – Yet to know is so Easy

We were created by Allah(swt) for the sole purpose to worship Him and Him alone. No other. I have been thinking about this concept for some time just as I have been thinking about the words Brotherhood and Sisterhood in … Continue reading

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Judging Others

Written by: T.Sultan Featured in: Al-Nur Newsletter (An Islamic Publication at my University) – Nov 14th —- Judging Others Have you ever felt judged by another person? Why do you think people judge others? Or here’s a better question to … Continue reading

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