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HereAfter Timeline Pt 2

Here’s a better (more visual) representation of ‘events that have taken place’ and events ‘to come’. Note: This is just a brief overview there’s so many things happening in between.

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HereAfter Timeline

A new Islamic Biweekly lecture series started at our University. Its about the HereAfter. I know very little about the incredible events that take place once someone passes away. I believe many of us are in the same boat. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Halaqa 5-7-08: Reflecting upon Jannat (Paradise) and Our time spent on Earth

Joint Halaqa May 7th, 2008 Speaker: Br. Tarif Topic: Reflecting upon Jannat (Paradise) and Our time spent on Earth (Final Halaqa of the Academic Semester: Spring 08 ) ——————- Outline: 1. A Simple Activity 2. Jannat – the Final Destination … Continue reading

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