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The People of the House (Ahl ul-Bayt)

Lecture by Shaykh Ahmad Mi’raj Riccio Our love for Rasul (saws) is not complete until we love his family. Who are the Ahl ul-Bayt? – Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Husayn, and their Descendents – The Mothers of the Believers – The … Continue reading

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Love for the Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Love and its place in our Deen: 1) We can either love the world (aka dunya) 2) We can love Allah(swt) & his Messenger Prophet Muhammad (saws) What is our Ummah missing?……… LOVE Imagine a tree – Love is the … Continue reading

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Halaqa 5-7-08: Reflecting upon Jannat (Paradise) and Our time spent on Earth

Joint Halaqa May 7th, 2008 Speaker: Br. Tarif Topic: Reflecting upon Jannat (Paradise) and Our time spent on Earth (Final Halaqa of the Academic Semester: Spring 08 ) ——————- Outline: 1. A Simple Activity 2. Jannat – the Final Destination … Continue reading

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Halaqa 4-28-08: Islam and Character

Sisters Halaqa April 28th, 2008 Speaker: Sr. Tomhe Topic: Islam and Character ———— OUTLINE: 1. The Arab Society before Our Prophet Recieved the Revelations 2. What Islam Teaches Us About Character 3. The Best Role Model: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 4. … Continue reading

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