Prophet Muhammad (saws)

“Salallahu ‘alayhi wa salaam” (saws) means:

May the peace and blessings of Allah(swt) be upon the Prophet Muhammad

(It is respectable to say “Salallahu ‘alayhi wa salaam” whenever the Prophet’s name is mentioned.)

Prophet Muhammad (saws) was sent as a mercy to all mankind.

All of Prophet Muhammad’s characteristics were perfected so that they all shined.

There are three ways to approach learning about Prophet Muhammad (saws):

  1. Learn about Prophet Muhammad (saws) through the Hadith and Seerah
  2. Look at Allah(swt) beautiful characteristics
  3. Look at the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) also known as the Sahabah (it takes 124,000+ Sahabah to bring out the Prophet Muhammad (saws) character


As individual’s we are all born with physical beauty, charisma, intellect and we are tied to a specific lineage. When we practice Islam we develop our character to become thankful, merciful, modest, courageous and much more. Prophet Muhammad (saws) had both the perfection of attributes he was born with and character.

Someone with good character will always have good people around him. Prophet Muhammad (saws) had many companions because of his beautiful character.

There are two parts to a person:

  1. The Person themselves
  2. The Message that they are calling to

When you combined both of these parts then you gather a large following. All the Prophet’s that we as muslims believe in that came before Prophet Muhammad (saws), Noah, Moses, Jesus (peace be upon them) and many more, called people to Islam. They focused on calling people to the truth and worked in their communities to bring about positive change. Prophet Muhammad (saws) did the same thing. He worked closely in this community, but he did more. Unlike the rest of the Prophet’s who had a limited reach, Prophet Muhammad (saws) was the final messenger and he delivered guidance to everyone inside and outside his community. Prophet Muhammad (saws) reached out to the world – with the same message as those before his time. He was able to connect with so many people because of his wonderful character.

The final message that Prophet Muhammad (saws) delivered is still strong today and complete without any changes because of the will and mercy of Allah(swt). Without His guidance we would all surely be lost.

Prophet Muhammad (saws) was the only Prophet to ever come on this earth to complete his task 100% before he passed away. He established Islam, the truth, which will continue in this world until judgment day. On the day of Judgment, over 124,000+ Companions (aka Sahabah) will testify that Prophet Muhammad (saws) completed his task in this world successfully.

Shifa (Intercession) – On the day of Judgement we will see Prophet Muhammad (saws) and intercession will be his greatest blessing at that time because we will need it the most. Learn more about the HereAfter by checking out the menu link above.

Our way of life (deen) as muslims has no doubt. People can recite the Quran from start to finish by memory. And the Holy Quran is the most recited message in the entire world. It has not been changed since it was revealed over 1400 years ago. How can we prove this? It is actually very easy. Other than the strong belief that Allah(swt) is protecting the truth in the Quran. There is a science and logics behind making sure a message is perserved in its entirety – it is called the Science of Hadith.

Pathways to Jannat (aka Paradise)

I will digress for a little while to touch upon the topic of Paradise. Prophet Muhammad (saws) has cleared every path possible to reach Jannat because he has been on each of the paths. When you start to walk upon one of the paths leading to Jannat (prayer, fasting, etc), you feel that you are before Allah(swt). Remind your self of all the blessings Allah(swt) has bestowed upon you. We can each grab hold of the deen (aka the way of life) in our own personal way. This is a very unique relationship.

There is a Hadith were the Prophet Muhammad (saws) mentions that the ones who are strongest in Iman (faith) are the ones who will come after he passes away. Why? Because they are the ones who believe even when they have never seen him.

Developing our relationship with Allah(swt) will become stronger as we develop our relationship with the Prophet Muhammad (saws). The Prophet Muhammad(saws) is most beloved to Allah(swt).

The Prophet Muhammad (saws) is the key for us to get closer to Allah(swt) in our worship.

We should always send our salaam and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (saws). He recieves our blessings and inshallah will be there for us on the day of Judgment when there is no one there for us except our good deeds bearing witness.

Everything comes from the outside in. This means that our actions and behaviors can change our soul and hearts. Purify your hearts so that the Light of Allah(swt) may enter.

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    Nice post I like it this is full advice for us and our real life is Islam and keep post continue. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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    Great effort brother!

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