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Islamic Wallpapers Collection I

I decided to consolidate all the wallpapers I created (the first one was featured in 2008!) into one post and delete the old ones.  Feel free to save it and use it as your desktop background or for non-commercial use only. … Continue reading

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Surat Taha Discussion

Surat Taha September 15th, 2010 | 3-5pm Introduction When we end this life we’ll have memories of this life. We want to come to that moment of satisfaction and realization when we understand the Quran Why is the Quran important? … Continue reading

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How strange it is – A Poem

How strange it is, how can God be disobeyed And how can the obstinate disbeliever deny Him When in every movement and stillness There is always for Him a witness And in everything there is a sign Showing that He … Continue reading

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Love for the Prophet Muhammad (saws)

Love and its place in our Deen: 1) We can either love the world (aka dunya) 2) We can love Allah(swt) & his Messenger Prophet Muhammad (saws) What is our Ummah missing?……… LOVE Imagine a tree – Love is the … Continue reading

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Anything for You: Sami Yusuf

A New Islamic Song from Sami Yusuf in English. Enjoy! Lyrics If there were a single sacred rose On a mountain top that grows Where nobody ever dares to go For you I’d climb that mountain high I would reach … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus (pbuh) is Not God

Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of the most honorable messengers of Allah(swt). As muslims we believe that he was sent to call people to the worship of One God. We love him and believe in all of his … Continue reading

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Peace is Happiness

This is a random video that I found online. It has an inspiring message for all muslims and non-muslims. Looking for Peace and Happiness? Remembrance of your Creator is key. Everyday, until the end of time – The name of … Continue reading

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