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Journey to Islam: Latino Muslims Share Their Story” by Br. Mujahid Fletcher & Br. Isa Parada

Spanish: Esto es para todos mis lectores de una herencia latina. Conozca la verdad sobre el Islam. Acabo de escuchar a las siguientes historias y realmente me conmovió! Yo quería compartirlo con mis lectores. English: This is for all of my readers … Continue reading

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Live the Quran!

Ar-Rum [30:7]   They know but the outer (things) in the life of this world: but of the End of things they are heedless. Ghafir [40:59] the hour will certainly come: therein is no doubt: yet most men believe not. … Continue reading

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How strange it is – A Poem

How strange it is, how can God be disobeyed And how can the obstinate disbeliever deny Him When in every movement and stillness There is always for Him a witness And in everything there is a sign Showing that He … Continue reading

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The People of the House (Ahl ul-Bayt)

Lecture by Shaykh Ahmad Mi’raj Riccio Our love for Rasul (saws) is not complete until we love his family. Who are the Ahl ul-Bayt? – Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Husayn, and their Descendents – The Mothers of the Believers – The … Continue reading

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Building Iman & the Sahabah

Lecture by Shaykh Ahmad Mi’raj Riccio The Sahabah: The Beloved Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) There are certain rights due to them: Respect them Obey them Recognize what is due to them Follow them Praise them Show enmity to … Continue reading

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How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister – Joshua Evans

We know the truth about Islam but we are hiding it. If you want to know what is Islam – read the Quran.

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Free Athan For Your Computer

If you don’t already know, IslamicFinder has an amazing free Basic Athan (Calling Muslims to Prayer) Software. It has been around for a while. There are several things that I really love about this wonderful software: The software can be … Continue reading

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